PNQ produce washed and screened sands for residential building and the construction industry

PNQ offers various types of sand for landscape & decorative applications, specialist trade applications, concrete & masonry production, road, civil and building construction, and water asset management applications

Standard – PNQ wash and screen the sand products we recover for domestic and residential construction projects.

Specialist – Sand that is further refined through washing and screening to be used for horse arenas, golf course bunkers, sand filters and other functions.

High Performance – Sand for manufacturers of constructions materials. Sand consists of rock and mineral particles that measure up to 5mm in diameter

Decorative – Sand and river pebbles measuring up to 64mm in diameter; produced for landscaping and other decorative treatments.

Sustainable – Products that integrates leading processes and systems to produce high quality products, using less and more sustainable resources.


Our range

Standard Sand

Specialist Sand

High Performance Sand

Decorative Sand

Sustainable Sand



PNQ offers a wide variety of quality ready-mix, decorative & specialist concrete.

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Fine, coarse or graded aggregate. Suitable products for all building applications.

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Asphalt & Sealing

Products suitable for building roads, bridges, tunnels, sewers & more.

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