26 May 2020

Wet Tropics Healthy Waterways Partnership


Pioneer North Queensland is highly respected in Far North Queensland, with a reputation of having served their local community well for over 20 years. This desire to serve continues as the company becomes involved in some exciting environmental initiatives in partnership with local organisations.

The Wet Tropics Healthy Waterways Partnership brings together organisations that collect waterway data from across the community, including industry, academic research and government.

Chair, Ryan Donnelly, says the project collates the significant body of waterway data that is collected for various purposes, and makes the integrated data available to contributors and to the government.


"The project will guide targeted investment in water quality improvement across the Wet Tropics region in the rivers and streams that flow to the Great Barrier Reef."
Ryan Donnelly, Chairman

Pioneer sponsored the launch event for the Wet Tropics Report Card on 6 December 2016. The federal member for Leichhardt, Warren Entsch MP, along with local councillors, James Cook University professors, Queensland government, FNQROC representatives and PNQ Senior Management Team attended the launch event. Darren Caddy (Operations Manager – Extraction) is an active member of the group and a strong advocate for quarries and the protection of the environment.